Friday, May 8, 2009

Starting Over once Again

Well, this last year...where has it gone? Mabey the rumor time flys the older you get is true. Anyways its my last day here at Traders Point and even though I said I never wanted to go back there, this year has taught me many things. First off, teachers and workers here at TPCA are great! Its just like high school BUT we can do what ever we want =)
As my last day is coming to an end alot of the kids are saying that they wish I wouldnt leave and I now know why some teachers space them selves from the students. It is going to be hard leaving all the little young trouble making kids that I watch over every day. But I am headded off to a new start, again...Colorado, a camp in which I will be on a team leading week long outdoor trips, climbing, kayaking, rafting, and a whole lot more. What else could I ask for. Not only that but I get to have an oppourtunity to try and reach these high schoolers and share my faith in the best setting...IN THE WILD!!!

Well Ive got a couple days then a 20 hour car ride, and then my adventures start, please keep me in your prayers while I am heading out there alone, also pray that God will give me a new passion to learn more and more about him!

Thanks everyone!!

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