Thursday, July 10, 2008

Homeward Bound

Leaving Nordtun didn’t really hit me at all until I had gone to Sorarnoy, gone to Germany and was finally on the plane from London to Chicago. Seven hours and 45 min. seemed unbearable. I was so excited to finally return somewhere where everyone speaks English, where signs are in English…I was excited to return back to America. My first experience in Chicago was not the best since we accidentally went to the wrong terminal, almost missing our flight to Indy. It was a huge relief running up to the gate and seeing that no one had even started boarding.
Flying, watching a huge lightning storm a couple miles out on the horizion, it was so beautiful, I was so ready to just land, get my bags and go home. Upon arriving at Indianapolis Intl. we found that 4 out of 5 bags were still in London…good welcome home surprise...
A week later I finally received my last bag, the man who brought the bags was nice but it was always a disappointment to find that he only had one bag at a time. Other than that little mishap, being home has been great. Seeing old faces, going to the skate park, climbing almost everyday, and I now have two jobs. I have been working on a farm everyday and on Tuesdays and Thursdays I work at the climbing gym putting up new climbs and working with the youth club a little bit.
I have an upcoming meeting with the mission’s board at my church talking about my trip and two others who have recently returned from Africa. I have talked to the youth pastor a little but unfortunately I haven’t really connected with the Church as well as I should have. I have had some trouble with keeping my quiet time. It has been really hard working all the time, hanging out with people who always want to see me…its been hard. Nate came into town for the 4th of July and spent the weekend here. It was a great time of laughing, climbing talking about “Old Times” and one afternoon we had the chance to talk to Mad. It was almost like the old crew was back together…One day we will all have the chance to see each other again. I hope sooner rather than later...
Now I am still waiting for the “OK” to return to Tibet from Karl and then I will apply for my visa. As of right now it looks like I will be here a little longer than September but I am still pumped to go back. I just hope that with the Olympics everything will die down. I am praying that when I send in my visa application that it will be done quickly so that I can return…
Please keep this process in your prayers and pray that God helps keep me strong in this time. Please pray that God will give me rest at night and health. I have been getting more and more tired but everything is still going great. Thanks for all of the support you all have given me.
God Bless

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