Monday, October 22, 2007

Light in the Darkness

Hey everyone...

Ive just recently return home from a caving trip and my local outreach. Before all this fun a man born and raised in California came to speak to us about hearing Gods voice. This was an awsome week for me, this is a topic in which I have had a lot of questions about. Marc talked to us mostly in story form so it was very easy to stay focused. All in all it was a great week.

The following weekend was nice...the base was empty, many of the staff were out on a trip and it was nice having some quiet at the base. Hanging around in the living room, by the fire stove just enjoying life, talking, worshiping and just not doing anything to hard.

On Monday we left and drove about 5 hrs inland to this apparently european known caving area. I have not ever been a big caver and with a couple past experiences, I have found out that I am a little on the claustrophobic side. This was an awsome experience for me, pushing myself and doing things that stretch me out of my normal routine. None the less it was alot of fun, I can definantly say that I would not ever go caving for sport but every now and then it might be a little fun. Monday night we camped out on this beautiful mountainside and tuesday and wednesday night we stayed in a cabin...there was a sauna right outside the guys cabing so any sore mucles we had werent sore anymore...=)

We came back to Engavagen on thursday and friday morning I left again for my every other weekend local outreach. It was a nice relaxing weekend. The family we normaly stay with, we told the parents to take a weekend and go to Bodo and take a weekend off, we would watch there kids so it was alot of fun just hanging out around the house and taking it easy.

It would be nice to hear from more of you back home and see what you think. It is always nice to log on and see that I have had new posts so...

This coming week our base leader is talking to us about "relationships" so this should be an interesting week. Today for practical work, my roomate Nathan and I did alot of construction type work so it was very cool. I felt like I was back in school doing my building trades class...lots of memories.

Well I hope to hear from you all

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Gods Nature

This past week a mate born in Australia came to speak to us. He has been living in southern norway for the past 10 years now. Darryl Krausse spoke to us about Gods Character and Nature. It seemed that this past week was more of a debate for us here at the base than it was a weeks worth of teaching. Alot of questions were brought to the surface and since Darryl didnt have all the answers we often found ourselfs talking with one another about what we thought.

This week of teaching fell into place very well with our local outreach. Every other weekend me and a two students and two staff travel about 3 hours north to a small island called Sorarnoy. The island is about 3 km by 1 km. Theres about 250 people that live on the island. One of the familys allows us to come and stay with them... to tell you the truth, I have only been there 2 times but they seem like family to me. Anyways, we arrive on Friday around 4:30pm and spend time with the family, at 7:30 we go to the 3 classroom school down the road and meet up with kids from the age of 13-16 and play games (this past Friday we played capture the flag in the woods on a big hill. It was dark so it was a ton of fun) After we all have a good time, we sit down and have a little devotional time with the teens. We had our talk this week in the "Saloon" It is a little building the family we stay with has built, it looks like an old west building with cowboy items...ect. We turned of all the lights and talked to them about how God is a light in the dark and I lit a candle.

One of our big prayers for the weekend was that God would move in the kids hearts and reveal himself to them. One of the kids, Ellias (dont count me on the spelling) a little bit bigger, not really into the whole running around deal, he kind of feels like an outsider, we prayed that he would have fun and enjoy himself and hear Gods voice.

It turns out that 3 of the kids started questioning who God was and wanting to know how to have a relationship with him. Keep them in your prayers as they are searching and Ellias was another who started to question. It was amazing, Ellias didnt talk to anyone the first week and this week he talked to Lars (a fellow YWAMer) and me alot. He had fun running and playing capture the flag.

Keep all these kids in your prayers and ask God to really show himself. This was an amazing weekend and I am looking forward to going back and talking to all the teens again. God answed alot of our prayers, good weather, he even provided Northern Lights when we were playing capture the flag. We all stayed safe, like I said it was an amazing weekend.