Monday, April 7, 2008

Life back at Base

Since coming back to base we have had a great week of teaching with a Norwegian guy named Henrick Stromberg. He taught on Worldviews and unfortunantly it is not really a topic that can be covered in 5 days so it was very difficult to get alot out of it but you just have to take out what you can get!!!

After the teaching we packed up again and went on a snowcaving trip. We drove a little less than an hour and on our journey through the mountians we drove through two tunnels. Both tunnels had ice on alot of the road through the tunnel and the first tunnel happend to be quite steep. The car in front of us slowed down as we entered the tunnel therefore we had to slow down so we started sliding on the ice. We stopped the car but we couldnt get going again so we piled out of the van almost falling down sliding on the pure ice below our feet. After 20 min of sliping, sliding and shoveling sand under the front tires we sat on the engine and slowly started uphill once again. We hit a dry spot on the road and all jumped back into the van. A little further uphill we got stuck on ice again and this time it was a little more fun, we started sliding backwards but couldnt stop until the trailer jack-knifed. Again we all piled out of the van and did the same thing as before however it wasnt working...after a while of failing Øystien (the base leader) came down with chains for the tires, instead of all getting back in the van we had to walk out of the tunnel. (about 3/4 mile uphill).
Getting to the parking lot we unloaded all our bags and cross country skiied to our spot where we dug our snowcaves. We split up into teams of 4 or 5 and dug for hours and hours. Basicly there was a almost vertical wall of snow that had been blown by the wind onto the side of a hill, we dug a tunnel straight into the wall for aobut 5 or 6 feet then dug out a rounded room where we slept on both sides of the walkway. In order to stay warm we made the entrance lower than where we were may not seem like it would be warm but it was quite warm! I stayed nice and warm all nights but the last and that was because I was damp and my sleeping bag was damp but it wasnt unbearable it was just definantly uncomfortable. We took two ski trips one of which was just getting used to ski's and the second was a 14 killometer trip to a small "Gamma" (small cabin that looks like a Tipi but is made out of wood and has soil so it looks very earthy) was a great trip but I definantly like being on a snowboard much more than on ski's.

After coming home from the trip I had to pack the following day to go to Sorarnoy, my local outreach that I went to all fall. It was so great to see all those who I had meet and started relationships with. The kids...sorry "youth" were very excited to see all of us, and I think it was the same for us as well. Friday evening we had an idea to do an easter egg hunt since we had missed easter but we used hot dogs instead. We put 20 hot dogs in plastic bags and scattered them all over the island and we split the group into two and gave each group a paper with clues as to where the hot dogs were. We gave the two groups an hour to find as many as they could and then they had to meet us up on a hill. When they arrived we had a fire roaring and we all talked and laughed while roasting the hot dogs. Following the feast we had we went to the gym hall and set up a projector and showed the youth pictures of Tibet. It was such an awsome weekend and next week we get to go for the whole week to help out in the school and do what ever we can to help out the community.

Please pray that we continue to build the relationships with the youth and familys on the island. Also pray that they will trust us and talk with us like they did before we left for the winter.
Please keep in mind the whole situation in Tibet as is still not a good situation and if this keeps on going I will have trouble getting back to do the work God has called me to do...

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