Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bridge Swinging

So Lars, the craziest german ever...a good friend here at Nordtun Skole had two of his friends from Germany come and visit. They came to Sorarnoy with us for local outreach and Line and I had the chance to get to know them decently. Martin and Leboo were there names, Leboo spoke okay english, Martin didnt speak so well however they were both very kind and a ridiculous amount of fun to hang out with.

Since the fall Lars and I had been talking about setting up a bridge swing at the bridge about 2 miles away from the base...we had talked about it alot. One night when we were hanging out we decided we would do it when we got back from local outreach, so when we got back the following day Lars, Martin and Leboo left early in the morning while I was still sleeping and set up the swing (I guess not that early but thats besides the point...) anyways after lunch a group of us went out to the bridge and checked it out. Leboo jumped off, then Martin and then my turn had come up...the longer I stood there looking down the more my stomach and head said..."NO DONT DO IT, YOU DONT LIKE FALLING!!!" but my adrenaline junkie side was saying..."YES, YES LETS DO IT..." so I put on my harness and...well you can see by the pictures...It was geat fun and hopefully we will go to another bridge and do it!!!


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