Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fun Inside and Out

Getting back from Sorarnoy, we had around 6 inches of snow. More than I am used to seeing. It was amazing! Nathan, Lars and I decided to go midnight was more fun than I have had in a long time. The Northern lights came out and we layed on the snow and just looked at the stars. It was like a millions little pieces of glitter. There was a distinct difference between the stars and planets, the stars twinkled and the planets were constant. The following day, Sunday we hiked all the way up the mountian to the other side and found a perfect spot to sled. Weaving in between trees, jumping over humps in the hill. It was a "heaps" of fun as Nathan (my Australina roomate) would say.

Sitting at the base Nathan, Lars, Madara and I discovered a band called "Flight of the Conchords" They are two guys from New Zealand...they are like stand up comidians who sing and just make halarious songs. If you are looking for a great laugh look them up on youtube. Last week Graham Powell came and talked to us about Spiritual Warfare. It was incredebly deep. After every day of teaching my mind was wrecked, I just didnt want to think anymore...Wednesday night Lars and I meet up with Graham and he prayed for us. I told Graham about my past and he prayed that I would sense Gods forgiveness, along with me to recive the strength to forgive myself. It was an amazing night and I definantly felt Gods presence.

This week we have a Norwegian guy named Hovard talking to us about the Holy Spirit. So far it has been a really interesting week. It is really neet seeing as how I have had alot of questions about spiritual gifts, especially speaking in toungs and it has seemed that when I have questions about a subject, God seems to bring a teacher that is really familiar with what I am questioning and most of the time he has the answer.

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Carolyn Bieberich said...

Wow Nick,
What great experiences you are having. I am in awe at how much you have gone through and how much you have grown, just in reading your words. I am not surprised that God is seeking you, touching you and expanding your faith. I know how it is to be mentally exhausted and feel you couldn't add one more piece of information and yet are exhilarated in what you have received. I can't wait to continue to read about your life and to hear about the lives you are encountering. I have been praying and contnue to pray for you, thank you for sharing your life with me.
God Bless you Always and Keep you safe.