Saturday, September 15, 2007

First week back to school

Ive been here in Nordtun, Norway now for 12 days. Every day im here I learn new and amazing things. The weather here is not very consistant...rain, sun, rain, and so on so it has been very interesting getting used to the cold wet weather. So far we have climbed up the 2nd biggest glacier in Norway. Its called "Svartisen", meaning black ice. This was the first time I have ever done any ice climbing and I definantly think im going to stick with rockclimbing. Ice climbing is amazing however im not so sure about the cold.

My two roomates Nathan and Daniel and a friend from germany, Lars took a bouldering trip. The hike wasnt bad, about a 20 min walk/scramble from the base. Its kind of a bummer how the rock seems to just fall apart here but that just makes me become a more cautious climber.

Next we hiked up a 2000ft mountain called "Risnestind". This mountain is the view I have when I look out my window. Every morning its one of the best parts of my day. After the sweet hike, we had a norwegian style barbaque on a beach about 20 mins away. It was nothing like back home on the warm beaches of Florida, however it was nice.

Finishing up our first week of class, I have taken in more info than in a long time. Our teacher this past week was a guy from Egypt named Gawdat. He was so halarious in class and had a cool way of keeping me focused. He liked to draw pictures however all his pictures consisted of was lines, circles and dots. Every time he drew one, the whole class laughed. To end this amazing week, one of my roomates Nathan and I decided to start a campfire right by the water. (About a 10 min. walk from the base). A good size crowd came out and joined us and we had a great time laughing, worshiping and just hanging out.


Sarah said...

Hey Nick,

My mom forwarded your blog to me from the CCT updates she gets. It's so cool to hear about what you're doing after not hearing from you in so long. God bless you in Norway!

Sarah Spinella (from elementary school)

darrenmessick said...

You madman you! I am not sure but the "parent" part of me was just freaking out at the "kind of a bummer how the rocks just fall apart" thing? Now I am not a rock climbing person but does that not mean a greater chance of you falling? Please be careful we would all love to see you again in one piece dude! Thanks for the blog cannot wait to see what else the Lord does in your life there!

Mr. Messick (Bible still owe me 4 assignments!)

~Mrs. Branam said...

Hi Nick!

Thanks for the updates!! What a beautiful place to be!! I'm praying for you!!

~Mrs. Branam

Clint said...

Hey Nick -
great blog... excited to track your journey here! SWEET PICTURES! Keep us posted on what God is doing in your life.


JordanB said...

Nick that sounds amazing! I'm so proud of u, and I'm always praying for you! the worship on the mountain top would be so beautiful!

-Jordan (your good old ups friend!)